123 Treats – Beef Dog Treats Esophagus (12 Inches – 20 Count) 100% Natural Healthy Chews for Dogs – Meat Jerky Snack Free of Preservatives, Hormones & Antibiotics from Grass Fed Cattle

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Product Description

Beef Esophagus for Dogs 12″  20 Count 100% Natural Dog Dental Treats from 123 Treats! 

Delicious, Healthy & Safe – The Perfect Jerky Treat To Train, Reward and Spoil Your Furry Friend!

Made from 100% natural Brazil Raised Cattle, this Beef Esophagus for Dogs is made with love, care, and dedication to provide you with a high quality, incredibly delicious and nutritious treat for dogs that will keep them coming back for more! It’s a simple fact that dog loves to chew so much that they’ll chew on anything!

Chewing is a natural part of every dog’s lifestyle and is a healthy activity which makes it even more important to make sure they’re only chewing on the good stuff. 123 Treats Beef Esophagus Sticks are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals to help your pet enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while getting their fill of chewing the easy and fun way!

Thanks to how delicious these Beef Jerky Treats are, they act as the perfect reward to help train dogs or simply as a healthy treat. These Jerky Treats are slowly dried to preserve flavor and texture without using any added chemicals or preservatives to provide you with simply the highest quality treat for your canine friend.

All Natural Care Has Never Tasted So Good!

When we say our Beef Esophagus is made from a single ingredient we mean it. Our mouthwatering Beef Esophagus treats for dogs are made from only Grain fed cattle to ensure the highest quality possible – and that’s it.

We care about the health and happiness of your pet which is why we don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Each of our Beef Jerky Stick is made with love, care and dedication to make sure your furry friend gets only the best. This is exactly why we add No chemicals, No Artificial Flavors, No Additives, No Preservatives, and definitely No Colors.

We slow bake our beef Jerky to trap all the flavor inside which is what makes it so delicious without the addition of any additives or flavoring. These also make the perfect natural treats for dogs that have food allergies or are sensitive to grain.

Great Oral Care

Dogs love to chew, it’s healthy and a great way for them to pass time but can also help promote healthy chewing habits along with better oral health care.
Thanks to the unique shape, density and texture of 123 Treats Beef Esophagus, these help remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth as well as removing other harmful substances to help improve breath, gums and overall oral health.

If you want your furry friend to always keep smiling and stay healthy, these are the chew treats you need!

Healthier Joints

Just like you, your pet also needs nutrients and vitamins to keep their body healthy – especially their joints. If your canine friend mostly eats dog food then the chances are they aren’t getting all the nutrients and vitamins their body needs to stay in top condition. 123 Treats Beef Esophagus Chews are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that keep your dog active and happy while tasting incredibly delicious and promoting healthy chewing habits.

These beef jerky sticks are naturally high in Chondroitin and Glucosamine which are exactly crucial minerals that help your pet maintain strong and healthy joints for a healthier and active life. If you’re worried about your adorable pet not getting enough vitamins in their diet, our beef jerky is a great solution that dogs of all breeds and sizes can enjoy!

Ideal For All Dogs & Breeds

Our beef esophagus treats come in two different sizes, 12 inches and 6 inches. Made from real beef esophagus, these treats can easily be broken down into smaller pieces for smaller dog breeds or for training or leave them as they are and let your dog enjoy a good old chewing time.

Whether you have a small dog or a large dog, these are the dog treats you need! These are completely digestible and irresistible making sure that no dog can resist their delicious flavor and chewy texture.

123 Treats is a small business which means we focus more on providing top quality products at a competitive price.
We keep our operational costs to a minimum to direct all funds to acquire top quality materials and ingredients. We DO NOT sell chews from China and we have the proof to assure you our dog treats are top quality. With us, the only thing you get is all natural goodness for your pets every time.

Always supervise your pet when enjoing any chews, treats or bones.

Single ingredient dog treat
High in Chondroitin which helps maintain your dog’s joint health.
Encourages healthy chewing habits
Promotes dental hygiene & good breath

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