AquaLogix Low Resistance High Speed Hybrid Aquatic Training Fin – Green – Includes Online Access Demonstration Video & Workout Program – Pair (LRPCFIN)

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Product Description

Aqualogix Aquatic Exercise Equipment - Functional Aquatic FinsAqualogix Aquatic Exercise Equipment - Functional Aquatic Fins

Aqualogix Low Resistance Green Hybrid FinsAqualogix Low Resistance Green Hybrid Fins


Full replacement of both the Velcro strap and Neoprene pad“High Speed” size that compliments the All-Purpose and Maximum Resistance versionsFin placement options for larger ankles and tab lock feature for smaller ankles/wristsUpgraded materials, extra drag, increased grip and still made in the USA

Get the Aqualogix Advantage – NEW Aqualogix Low Resistance Green Hybrid Fins

Why Functional Aquatic Resistance Training Equipment?

Aqualogix capitalizes on “the principle of fluid omni-directional drag resistance” in water. In fluid dynamics, drag, refers to forces that act on a solid object in the direction of the relative fluid flow velocity. This simply means, being able to work a muscle group equally and smoothly in any direction.

The water provides the ultimate environment for low impact training for all ages. By reducing the load on your body, Aqualogix users experience the ability to workout at a higher intensity, without the pain, because YOU create and control the level of resistance at which you work.

Training in the water will help you reach your full potential by allowing you to safely progress much faster then you would with traditional land based exercise. The Aqualogix Fitness System offers a diverse array of aquatic exercise equipment that can be utilized to treat a wide variety of patient conditions. It is ideal for the treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and lower back conditions.

Aquatic exercise will leave you feeling rejuvenated, not beat up.

functional aquatic fitness equipmentfunctional aquatic fitness equipment

Low Resistance “High Speed” 4″ Functional Fins

Aqualogix Fins provide a Dynamic, high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout. Engages your lower or upper body, legs or arms and core. Strengthens, builds and tones muscles and burns calories more effectively than most land based workouts. Allow for a fuller range of motion and coordination for injury recovery.

Low Resistance Hybrid Resistance Fins – Green (4″ Blades) – The Green Fins provide the least resistance. They are recommended for the de-conditioned or those recovering from surgery on knees or hips or total joint replacement. Cardio warm-up and conditioning also accelerate accommodation to pool temperatures and added movement challenges. Athletes that want to perform high intensity movements at a higher rate of speed can also use the Low Resistance Hybrid Fins.

Aqualogix hybrid swim finsAqualogix hybrid swim fins

Introducing a New Age in Resistance Swim Training


Instantly increase resistance during training to improve your overall kicking strength. With 3 levels of resistance to choose from we have something for swimmers of all levels and swim tempos.


After training against the resistance and drag created by these hybrid fins, you will experience an instant increase in power and kick speed after removing them. Kick your way to a new personal best.


Training with the added resistance provided by the Hybrid fins will give you a competitive advantage and see you outperform yourself and reduce your lap time.

Functional, Versitile & Effective

Aqualogix Aquatic Dumbbells

Aqualogix Aquatic Dumbbells

Hybrid Fin Wrist Application

Hybrid Fin Wrist Application

Fin Comparison Shoot

Fin Comparison Shoot

Create a Functional System

Combining the lower body fins with upper body aquatic bells provides an efficient total body training package. Pick your resistance based on workout tempo or select multiple for progression and regression needs.

Upper Body Work

Looking for one set of equipment for both lower and upper body? The Hybrid Fins can be worn on wrists for dynamic upper body training. Great when traveling with your equipment.

Low Resistance – Green

The Low Resistance Fins are a good choice for those that only require a slight step up from the natural resistance of the water. Also those that intend to workout at high velocity, while maybe focusing on sport specific movement patterns. This listing is for the Low Resistance “High Speed” Fins.

(4) 4″ Blades attach to ankle or wrist; sold as Pair. Green Low Resistance Fins are ideal for moderate to high tempo movements. They are also a good starting point for those recovering from Knee or Hip injury.
Fins can be worn for multifaceted resistance swim training, swimming is more challenging when wearing these, but improving your swim speed and efficiency when not
New design allows fin adjustment for larger ankles and tab locking for smaller ankles/wrist
Materials have been upgraded for increased performance and utility. Straps are fully replaceable.
Aquatic Fins can also been worn on wrist/forearm for upper-body resistance

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